Sun SMF is their alternative to rc.d/inet.d and provides a mechanism for starting a service.

JMX Monitor supports SMF by providing

  • An SMF Manfest
  • An serivce start/stop script (this file can also be used with inet.d!)

    To use as a Sun SMF service

  • Extract the distribution into /opt/jmxmonitor
  • chown -R nobody /opt/jmxmonitor
  • cp /opt/jmxmonitor/bin/jmxmonitor-svc /lib/svc/method
  • chmod a+x /opt/jmxmonitor/bin/jmxmonitor-svc
  • chmod a+x /opt/jmxmonitor/bin/jmxmonitor
  • svccfg validate /opt/jmxmonitor/bin/jmxmonitor.xml
  • svccfg install /opt/jmxmonitor/bin/jmxmonitor.xml

    It is now installed and will autostart on boot. To start run

  • svcadmin enable jmxmonitor

    To stop run

  • svcadmin disable jmxmonitor

    Logs will be written into /opt/jmxmonitor/logs by default and the SMF framework will log into the syslog.

    You can get its status by running

  • svcs -l jmxmonitor