The JMX Monitor Project provides a daemon (or commandline) tool to monitor a series of JMX services.

The basic model is


The programme is distributed as a archive (tar.gz) to install

  • tar -xjf DISTRIBUTION.tar.gz

    This will give you a folder laid out as follows


    In bin there are some unix scripts to get you started

  • jmxmonitor - runs it on the commandline
  • jmxmonitor-svc - run it in the background
  • jmxmonitor.xml is a Sun SMF manifest for it. See Sun JMX page for details.


On the command line run



The default configuration location (for the service) is /opt/etc/jmxmonitor/. In this directory you should have

Ideas for what to monitor

The JMX page provides some pointers of the kind of thing you can monitor.